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The Story of St. James Brewery & Distillery

Our legendary whiskeys and namesake from St. James Brewery & Distillery’s name comes via Co. Claire, Galway, Ireland.

Our Founder/ CEO James Brogan’s lineage dates 200+ years with his Great- Grandfather James having made the trek here to the US with little more than the clothes on his back and some very unique Whiskey recipes in his pocket. Fleeing the aftermath of The Great Famine (especially as a farmer) would definitely light a torch under one to start their journey for their quest for a better life.

Facing great adversity coming to the U.S., it took a resounding determination to make his dream for a better life happen. That required hard-work, dedication and a quest for perfection. We strive for excellence the same way today. A blend of old tradition, modern-day techniques and equipment for efficiency.

Fast-forward to present day with Founder/CEO James Brogan at the helm of St. James Brewery & Distillery. Along with his 32-years of experience he’s also been a guitarist in an extensive world-touring band called Samiam on Atlantic Records/EMI Publishing with some commercial success. After a successful long stretch as an Executive in Operations (lastly at the 14th largest corporation in the world), Mr. Brogan had to say, “Coming from a long-line of stubborn, determined Irishmen – we pride ourselves in putting out the best possible very unique line of products. We have 5 very special Whiskeys and 4 Pre-Mixed cocktails.

My father never missed a day of work in his life and worked 3 jobs at a time. Never complained. Our family of 8 children learned from our father and mother that nothing in life is easy – you set your sights and earn it. We owe this same mind-set preparing our products we offer to our extended family. Our customers. With much love in every bottle”.

Our very special Whiskey products are perfected using only the very best quality grains, spring water taken from the source and charred casks. We take pride in producing our St. James Brewery & Distillery products. We’re excited to have you with us on this truly exciting journey.


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St. James Brewery & Distillery.

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