The Story of St. James Brewery & Distillery

Our legendary whiskey and namesake’s from St. James Brewery & Distillery’s name comes via Galway, Ireland. Our Founder/ CEO James Brogan’s lineage dates 200+ years back to Galway, Ireland. His Great Grandfather James Brogan was determined to follow his dream for a better life. He made the trek here to the U.S. with little more than the clothes on his back and some very unique Whiskey recipes in his pocket.

Fleeing the aftermath of The Great Famine he then faced great adversity arriving here in the US.He knew to be successful required hard-work, dedication, and a quest for perfection. We strive for excellence the same way today at St. James Brewery & Distillery.

Our very special Whiskey products are perfected using only the very best quality grains, spring water taken from the source, aged to perfection in American White Oak medium charred casks. We take pride in all our St. James products that we have to offer you. We really appreciate your patronage and say, “Welcome you to our family!” We’re excited to have you with us on this truly exciting journey.

Visit our store to try a bottle, merchandise and be sure to check back regularly for new product launches! (side note- the whiskey is currently not listed in the ecommerce store and only able to be purchased via this page – this needs to be addressed also ASAP once we figure out the merchandise piece this week).

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St. James Brewery & Distillery.

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